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  • Installation of the new sump Pump
  • Investigate the sump pump condition or the sump pump pit.
  • Replacing the old sump pump with the new one.
  • Scavenging the Sump Pump pit.
  • Installation of jet water backup sump pump.
  • Investigation of the sewer line location by the scope detector in other to add the shower room in the basement.
  • Investigation of the sewer drain to verify the sewer drain condition.
  • Investigation of the sewer drain-blocking location.
  • Investigation of the location of the back-water valve.
  • Investigation of the rain drain location.
  • Investigation of the rain drain to verify the rain drain condition.
  • Investigation of the rain drain-blocking location.
  • Unblocking the main sewer drain.
  • Unblocking the rain drain.
  • Unblocking the toilet drain.
  • Unblocking the back-water valve.
  • Unblocking the bathtub drain.
  • Unblocking the vanity.
  • Unblocking the kitchen sink drain.
  • Installation of the clean-out access to the sewer drain.
  • Installation of the Back-water valve on the sewer drain.
  • Investigation of the garage pit.
  • Scavenging the garage pit.
  • Relocation of the toilet, vanity, bathtub, kitchen sink, and shower.
  • Adding the new shower fixture like vanity or toilet to the house.
  • Adding the water line for the ice maker.
  • Adding the water line for the water filter.
  • Install the hose bib.
  • Install the new toilet.
  • Relocation of the hose bib.
  • Repairing the hose bib
  • Relocation of the washing machine drain and waterline.
  • Relocation of the vent pipe and drain line.
  • Decommissioning plumbing.
  • Adding the shower room in the basement.
  • Installing kitchen sink, vanity, Bathtub, Toilet, and Walk-in Shower.
  • Installing the Garburator or replacing the garburator.
  • Installing the Dishwasher, replacing the dishwasher either connecting or disconnecting the dishwasher.
  • Installation of the back-water valve.
  • Washing Machine installation or relocation.

We can help you out by installing the new water heater or replacing your water heater tank.

Definitely, in case of water leaking from the water heater tank, we can help you out including the repair or installation of the new water heater tank.

For the electrical water heater tank, in case of losing the heat, we can help you to verify the source of the problem and fix the issue in the water heater.

On weekends, holidays, or evenings we are here to help you out the emergency issues like; water leaking, unblocking the drain, losing the heat on the water heater tank, unblocking the main drain, passing the scope camera to investigate the sewer drain or rain drain, unblocking the bathtub, unblocking the toilet, unblocking the kitchen sink, unblocking the vanity, install the new toilet, find the source of water leaking and repair the water leaking, cleaning the tail drain with 100 feet rotor machine while investigating by scope camera, and repairing the water leaking.

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Comprehensive solutions for all your plumbing needs, ensuring efficient and reliable systems.

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Thorough cleaning services to keep your drainage systems functioning optimally.

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Sewer Repairs & Maintenance

Expert services for maintaining and repairing sewer lines, preventing major issues.

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Faucet & Leak Repair

Fast and effective repairs for faucets and leaks, preventing water waste and damage.

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Clean Water Treatment

Services to ensure your water is clean and safe for use, enhancing your health and well-being.

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